Treehouses are a kid’s dream

Written by Cassie Lim, Be Movement issue 3 – JAPAN, published March 2013 “Before I was interested in treehouses, I had nothing, no purpose to live my life. Treehouses and trees give me every reason right now. It is a kind of destiny. Treehouses are a gift to me from nature. At first when I started building treehouses, I was afraid it would not work out. But nobody knows what is going to happen tomorrow, so people must decide and take responsibility for the future. Don’t be afraid because life is very short. Now I’m 56, getting old and someday must die. Everybody dies some day, so we need to live without borders and [regardless of] religion and we need to shake hands and dream the beautiful future and tell the next generation about the mistakes

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that we made. We need to see the dream and fight and someday the dream will come true … I believe it.” – Takashi Kobayashi

treehouse - Be Movement Japan issue 2

treehouse – Be Movement Japan issue 2

Takashi Kobayashi and his team built one of their most important treehouses, inspired by the image of a dragon, to give the children of the city of Higashi-Matsushima, on the coast of Miyagi Prefecture, a reason to dream again. Visit Treehouse Creations at
treehouse - Be Movement Japan issue 4

treehouse – Be Movement Japan issue 4

treehouse - Be Movement Japan issue 3

treehouse – Be Movement Japan issue 3






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