From great to significant

“Wealth does not equate to significance. I started to move away from acts of greatness, to acts of significance”

– Mark Lee, CEO

A family owned, Singaporean clothing and fashion manufacturer, Sin Lung Holdings takes a different perspective and approach to explore what it takes to make a significant company.

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To be the designers of our age

“There are no dumb questions when you are learning”

– Ong Tze Boon, Group Executive Chairman

The challenges and rigours of creating an architectural firm that builds the future  – when you’re the son of an ex-president.

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Green Business Singapore

A sustainability toolkit for businesses

“Environmental awareness in Singapore is increasing, however awareness does not always equate to action”

– Eugene Tay, Founder and Director

A journey, thoughts and advice on providing knowledge and tools to help businesses go green in a meaningful way.

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Asiawide Print Holdings

More than just a company, a family.

“When you pass away, the figures in your bank account will not attend your funeral, but the people who care about you will”

 – Terrence Hong, Chief Business Officer

Called back home to a traditional family business model in a ‘sunset industry’, Terrence Hong discusses tradition, innovation and why he created a family at Asiawide Print Holdings.

Featured in ISSUE 1 / SINGAPORE


Supporting social fairs

It is in the DBS culture, and part of our legacy as a development bank rooted in Asia, to put what is best for the community at the heart of what we do.

As a bank born and bred in Asia, we are committed to doing good for the communities we live and work in.


Tolaram Group

Serving and believe in those at the bottom of the pyramid in Nigeria

“We do things for a country that most of the rest of the world does not believe in. We do it because Nigeria is home to me”

– Haresh Aswani, MD of Tolaram Group  and Singapore’s honorary  Consul General to Nigeria

Tolaram Group’s success in F&B, manufacturing and logistics form the foundation upon which it gives back to Nigerian society, through sanitation initiatives with World Toilet Organisation (WTO) and  The IshK Limb Centre – a prosthetic limb centre in Lagos.

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Pan Asia Logistics

Supporting social fairs

“Although there are millions of disadvantaged people around the world, we cannot solve the plight of everyone, but we can pick a few and make their lives easier.”

– Christian Bischoff, Managing Director

In a no-holds barred discussion, the founders shared their unconventional way of doing business and what shines through is really two straight talking people, with very big hearts.

Featured in ISSUE 1 / SINGAPORE






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