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KG currently teaches Language Arts in a school next to East Coast Park, working with inspired colleagues and students who inspire. He enjoys reading and wordcraft, chief amongst his interests.


Official Photographer

Born in the Pyrénées mountains in the South West of France, David has always been open and attuned to the world around him and through photography has discovered a way to look more closely and intimately at his surroundings. Since a young age, he has had a keen interest in board sports (surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding) and cycling for the freedom and the meditative state that they imbue in him. A nature lover, he is planning to go back to the sea and, like one revolution of his bike wheels, return his soul to his beginnings by the deep blue water of the ocean. Oh, and meanwhile he has been a French teacher for the Alliance Française for seven years and worked at the International Criminal Court in The Hague.



Christina Ng loves to read and travel. She is a freelance writer based in Berlin, living her dream of exploring every corner of the world at her own pace, to discover stories that illuminate and inspire.
Before that, she honed her writing skills as a journalist in Singapore, covering a range of stories from lifestyle to arts and entertainment, enjoying the insight that comes from unveiling a part of humanity that she has not discovered before. She sometimes misses radio presenting, where she started her media career. However she reckons her love for jazz, Paulo Coelho and Maggie Cheung can always be broadcast from her heart, regardless of where she is.



Michael Laidlaw, a court reporter for 22 years and currently working at the International Criminal Court, but still a good man. “I love words (and music) and they almost always jump out of the page if they're unhappy where they have been placed and hopefully rest easy under my fingertips. The spirit of BEing is a journey of truth within and without. You may be reluctant, but as Winston Churchill once said, 'I am always ready to learn, although I do not always like being taught’".


Writer and Designer

Jemimah is currently still a full-time Communication student at NTU (Nanyang Techonological University). She believes in the value of storytelling and the power it has to connect human beings. Passionate about writing, graphic design and film, she wants to create compelling narratives that move people.



Usually found in libraries or parks. Charmaine loves the un-extinguishable promise of something to be discovered at the public libraries in Singapore, and the slow, quiet growth of plants. Also she especially likes beautiful and sensible things, which is why she does design.


Associate Partner & Columnist

Nawan Poovarawan or Noom is an Associate Partner and Columnist of be movement, a socially-conscious publication that celebrates the courage to be of social enterprises and individuals, and features heartfelt CSR stories for corporations. Noom has over a decade of career experience in brand management with MNCs across Asia Pacific, with a recent focus on new media platforms for SMBs in Southeast Asia.

Erica Lim

Project Executive & Writer

Erica counts reading and napping as some of life's greatest pleasures.
She also enjoys rejoicing in the splendour of solitude and other people, balancing interaction with much needed time alone. Erica likes to observe interactions between people in society, as well as engage her spiritual side.



Following a life-changing experience in the March 11, 2011 Japan Earthquake, Cassie Lim left a decade of career in Media to explore what life could be. Formerly worked for Discovery Channel in Singapore and Amsterdam and for DRL, producing international business reports for the South China Morning Post. Cassie chose to shift her focus to give voice to other people who have the courage to be, by founding Be Movement. Be Movement is a space to slow down, reflect and be inspired to be who you are meant to be.



“Well, this is today. Tomorrow I am going to do some fabulous things.” – Tom Wolfe. Currently a full-time undergraduate in political science and public policy management at the Singapore Management University, it is the unpredictability of life that keeps Kamini going. These unanticipated, uncertain yet transformative moments have become some of her fondest memories, fuelling her desire to share through her writing these experiences with many.


Designer & Writer

Still wandering through the world with as much curiosity and fervour as a 5 year old child, Cleo tries to express her wonder, questions, ideas, interests and internal debates through writing and design. She drools and cries a little when she comes across great writing, pretty design, flavourful home cooking and the night sky covered in stars. 






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