Japanese designed indegenous products

Crafts inspired by ethnic cultures from around the world since 1979, made with original fabric designed using traditional methods and handcrafted arts. Designed in Yokohama, Japan. Crafted by the World.

Personalised Love

Enabling Autistic artisans

A social enterprise specialising in artisan craft, founded on the belief of embracing the individual talent latent in every special needs youth. Our mission is to empower special needs youth through artisan crafts training, developing these youths into dignified artisans. It is our desire to celebrate the gifts in each individual, regardless of their disabilities.


My First Book Project

Enabling underprivileged Thai children

When Nawan Poovarawan decided to study business instead of becoming a writer, she decided not only to honor her love of reading by writing her own book of poems, but by using all proceeds from sales of her book to enable underprivileged Thai children to purchase books of their own.

This marked the start of My First Book Project, a collaboration with World Vision.



Handmade origami jewellery

Conetira’s bold and elegant accessories are handmade from high-quality Japanese paper. They are light and delicate, but durable thanks to the triple layers of sealant and varnish on top. There are never two pieces that look exactly the same, as each paper portion has its own unique patterns.


Chubby Chubby

Handmade baby product from Singapore

Chubby Chubby is a homegrown Singapore brand by Nix Deng. She runs the business online providing designer clothing and lifestyle products that’s made right here in Singapore. Apart from designing fun & timeless clothing with attention to details and excellent workmanship, Chubby Chubby also offers unique and personalization services on their lifestyle products like beansprout husk pillows and toys to provide unique, one-of-a-kind gifts for baby shower and other celebrations.



Enabling the disabled in Singapore

Gift And Take (GAT) was founded in 2006, upon Singaporean Lance Ng’s return from missionary trip to a home for the physically disabled in Indonesia. He wanted to help in a sustainable way, and believed that neither charity nor tourists buying artwork, were the answer.

Together with two like-minded Singaporeans, he started GAT, a business enterprise that would deal either directly with disadvantaged people or through audited agencies sheltering them, to create handcrafted products ranging from ceramics, wedding gifts, household items, accessories and lots more.


Superhero Concept

Comic book merchandise

On a November evening in 2012, a chef, an editor, a psychologist and a tennis coach came together to develop the Superhero Concept, a belief that the superhero theme can be a positive force in the lives of ordinary men, women and children. From a tennis programme for kids to the first superhero-themed café in Singapore, now they are searching for the next big superhero…



Thoughtfully curated Korean jewellery

An online boutique stocked with an exquisite collection of carefully handpicked accessories. Like a mirror, each piece reflects your personality and becomes a part of you, reflecting Kollidea’s desire to empower women to boldly step out to tell the world their story.

Mother Ethnic

Ethnic Fashion and Accessories

Mother Ethnic – Enabling Elderly Around the World

We are a group of mothers above the age of 50, who hire other people our age and provide them with employment opportunities.
We also sell products made by the elderly and underprivileged around the world.


Alchemist Watches

Enabling the disabled in Hong Kong

The Can-Watch from the Red Dot online shop is absolutely unique. Made from recycled soft drink cans in one of the few workshops for people with disabilities in Hong Kong, this fashionable watch stands testimony to the skill and soul of design studio Alchemist.


Studio Asobi

Handmade ceramic craft

Studio Asobi’s soulful ceramics
are inspired by God’s work in our
lives, moulding each of us like soft
clay into something beautiful,
purposeful and unique. Lovingly
crafted by hand, each vessel is also
a blessing to the needy with 20% of
proceeds donated to the homeless
in Singapore.


GOOOD Pet Collar

Enabling animal welfare

 Animals lack a voice in this world and many suffer in silence. Founded on a fundamental motivation of love for animals, we work with like-minded individuals and groups with the same compassion. Goood Pet Collar pledges 2-5 cans of cat/dog food to the Animal Lovers League with every purchase of our ‘made with love’, handmade products.


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